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St Francis College prepares students to be responsible, globally-minded, compassionate, and reflective learners. Our rigorous academic programme creates space and time for critical reflection on basic questions about what is good, fair and just. We teach to the heart as well as the mind.

St Francis Executive Principal

Dr G Elliott

Message From Our Executive Principal

Welcome to St Francis College. The success of our school is based on two main pillars, namely a strict code of discipline and a dedicated team of teachers. After 30 years of service, we continue to provide quality education in a safe and caring environment. Ever mindful of the principles of respect, diligence and kindness, our learners are stimulated to ‘reach higher’ in the classroom, on the sports field and in cultural activities. In the College, in addition to nurturing their academic development, the learners are encouraged to learn to self-regulate their behaviour and emotions, preparing them to take up roles of significance in the world once they pass through our doors into the world of tertiary studies and the world of work. Our alumni show that they have the tools to excel and many hold positions of distinction within their chosen field of study.

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St Francis College

Our College offers private school education to learners from Grade 7 – Grade 12. St Francis College is not just a school, it is a family of caring and dedicated members who all play their part to ensure that it continues to serve the community proudly in the best possible way! At St Francis College our mission is based on principles and run on values. Our premises are secure and our learners have respect for everything we have.

St Francis college


Head Girl – Nobuhle Mfuphi

Head Girl - Nobuhle Mfuphi

Leadership does not start or end with, nor is it defined by, a title. Simple things like reaching out to fellow students or picking up litter on the school ground as you walk past it are what demonstrate how the next person watching, should act. Positions and opportunities will come and go and whenever we are given an opportunity, we should make the best of it. As soon as you are given a leadership title, “the school’s” reputation becomes “ours” and “me” becomes “us”. Is it easy being a leader? No not always, but together, “we” can make the difference.

Head Boy - Sphephelo Mobena

I have been in St Francis College since 2009 and the most important lesson that I have learnt is that you should never settle for less. This is manifested in everything we do at our school. Our school motto, ‘Ad siderum’ from the Latin ’reach for the stars’, supports my attitude and belief in what we live and learn at the College. A lot of children in our country cannot afford the opportunity to be in a school such as St Francis College and that is why I want to encourage each student to wear their uniform with pride.

Head Boy – Sphephelo Mobena


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Subjects Offered

  • English HL
  • Afrikaans FAL
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematical Literacy
  • Life Orientation
  • Business Studies
  • Life Science
  • Physical Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • CAT
  • Accounting
  • English HL
  • Afrikaans FAL
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science
  • Social Science
  • EMS
  • Creative Arts
  • Life Orientation


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Extramural sport coaching in the afternoons is provided as part of the school’s educational programme.

    • Athletics – 1st term
    • Soccer and Netball – 2nd term
    • Chess – 3rd term
    • Cross Country – 4th term
    • E-sports – we participate in the North West University’s MMSA’s E-Sport league
    • Netball
    • Softball
    • Volleyball


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Stage Productions

Cultural Activities Offered

  • Choir
  • Eistedfod
  • Olympiads
  • INTERACT - a youth community service organisation sponsored by the International Rotary club
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